Tenth Grade Geometry (Grades 10-11)

Geometry This course is a study of Euclidean Geometry. Topics discussed include dimensional objects (lines, planes, polygons, circles, and polyhedrons), angular measurement, congruency, similarity, deductive and inductive reasoning, formal proofs, relational...
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Tenth Grade Biology (Grades 9-10)

Biology This is an introductory course in the biological sciences. Students are exposed to the basic concepts in disciplines such as Ecology, Cytology, Genetics, and Microbiology. Students use conceptual model diagrams and interactive text activities...
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Twelfth Grade Chemistry (Grades 11-12)

Chemistry This course focuses on a wide range of core chemical concepts: the fundamentals of the atomic theory and structure, chemical reactions, the concept of the mole, the kinetic molecular theory of matter and chemical bonding. Laboratory work is...
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