Pre-School Reading/Language Arts/Writing

Reading/Language Arts/Writing

The Wright Skills program is comprised of comprehensive skills instruction which sequentially teaches students phonological and phonemic awareness, oral language, letter recognition and formation introduction, concepts in print, phonics and word study. The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum incorporates unique strategies to work with diverse learning styles; teaching simple skills first then builds on prior knowledge. Letters are taught in a sequence that makes sense developmentally: in groups of similar formations. Students develop writing skills through multi-sensory play-based instruction. Activities with hand-on materials address different senses to teach correct formation, spacing, sequencing and other writing skills. By the end of the academic year, Pre-School students will be able to write their first name using uppercase letters, recognize Aa-Zz – upper and lowercase letters, and provide a word and coordinating sound for each letter. Students will be able to write letters correctly on lined paper. Students are exposed to concept maps after every reading lesson. They will be introduced to rhyming words, compound words, opposites and sequencing. They will be able to explain the author’s and illustrator’s purposes.