Pre-School Math


The Growing with Mathematics program reflects current cognitive and social theories of early mathematics learning. The program views children as active learners working towards constructing their own math understanding through interacting with their environment and their peers. Students will engage in purposeful activities encouraging all to interact and develop respectful strategies for working with peers in pairs and small groups to complete activities, which will enable them to make math connections through math center-based experiences and whole group discussions. Each lesson concept is designed to provide careful sequenced mathematics, which will reflect active experimentation; direct, hands-on experience to make learning meaningful; extended language development fostered by social interactions and active learning through experimenting, imagining and creating. The children will learn how to find the language to describe their mathematical thinking. By end of the academic year, Pre-School students will able to write 1-10. They will be able to recognize numbers 1-20, count to 100; and explain the differences between long, short, big and small. Additionally, they will be able to distinguish between and recognize colors, shapes, and patterns.