Fourth Grade Social Studies

Social Studies

The fourth grade curriculum, Our Country and Its Regions, published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill TIMELINKS builds geographic mastery with timelines, map skills and offers reading and writing activities and strategies to reinforce Reading/Language Arts skills. The fourth grade Social Studies curriculum studies regions of the United States. As this is studied so is the geography, landforms. Industries, economics and the people of each region. In the course of the academic year, the states and capitals of each state is discussed and learned. Each lesson includes maps and charts, connections to the past and present of each region through famous people and primary sources. The content enables interesting connections to the present and with research and technology each student experiences a deeper and more thorough understanding of the United States. Throughout the year, famous explorers, national parks, industrialists and inventors, are explored. Maps are drawn and studied and student research is presented orally.