Fourth Grade Reading/Language Arts/Writing

Reading/Language Arts/Writing

The Reading Wonders program is used in fourth and fifth grades. The series focuses on reading fiction and nonfiction as students learn and study selections from a wide range of genres. This also includes the study of poetry. Students are simultaneously practicing close reading skills. The study of multiple genres provides real-life connections which enables study and discussion to Science, Math, and the Arts. Each unit strengthens knowledge in reading comprehension strategies and skills, phonics and language mechanics skills, vocabulary strategies and skills focusing on cause and effect, author’s point of view, theme and sequencing as well as requiring the discussion and use of text evidence. As a result, these skills and strategies are incorporated in the writing of well written paragraphs and summaries which answer questions with claims that can be supported through the text. Expository text based writing is studied in grade four. Persuasive writing is studies in grade 5. Finally, on both levels, leveled readers are used to provide differentiation amongst learners. Students will use iPads daily to access and practice core concepts.