First Grade Science


Inspire Science is designed to spark student interests and empower them to ask more questions, think critically, and maximize their ability to creatively solve problems. Inspire Science’s instructional model contains comprehensive learning experiences to pique the interest of our students. The program will be used to help inspire the next generation of innovators, visionaries, and inventors. Through user-friendly experiences, students will be exposed built-in literacy and math connections, including full STEM opportunities, containing web-based, digitally accessible content promoting a hands-on program, that will allow students to explore the concepts of energy, light and sounds, plants and animals, and earth and space through simulations and hands-on learning experiments. Students will be able to solve science and engineering challenges using math skills including: analyzing data and creating graphs. Students will be able to achieve and demonstrate greater understanding through hands-on science and engineering activities using the engineering design process. Students will be able to continue to build close reading, writing, and communication skills while learning about exciting science ideas and developing presenting solutions to real-world challenges.