First Grade Math


Math Expressions uses hands on manipulatives and teaches students to solve addition and subtraction problems using a variety of strategies and techniques. At the beginning of first grade, the students practice building and solving number sentences using the math partner strategy. As these skills develop throughout the year, first graders are able to apply partner strategy to solve two-digit addition and subtraction problems with regrouping. By the end of First grade, students are expected to be able to solve story problems, identify 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes, measure objects using nonstandard units of measurement. Graph and comparing data. First grade units include topics covering the following core concepts: Early Number Activities; Operations and Simple Equations; Story Problem; Strategies; Basic Ten-Structured Concepts; Ten-Structured Applications; Comparisons and Data Formats; Fractions, Circle Graphs, and Clocks; Money and 2-Digit Addition; Analyze Story Problems; Measurement, Rounding, and Shapes. Students will use iPads daily to access and practice core concepts.